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"When You're Dressed Right, Nothing Can Take Away Your Love"


Fiefé is a luxury, personalized fashion brand catering to each customer as an individual; hand-making each scarf, pocket square, handkerchief and dress.  The spirit of Fiefé emulates from the early french "maison de couture" during the brightest period of fashion and world affairs.  Design is our instinct...Always..."New"...Always..."Innovative".


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"When You're Dressed Right, Nothing Can Take Away Your Love"








 At Fiefé “Designing Is Our Instinct...We strive to always be “New” and “Innovative” in everything we design for you.  We take time to cater to our customers as individuals; offering hand-made scarfs, ties, pocket-squares, handkerchief and dresses.  As a growing brand, we are looking to build a team of creative and passionate individuals who possess a strong desire to change the landscape of fashion, lifestyle and taste.






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New York:Paris